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Lisa Richard

I am a parent of a previous camper who is now a CIT. This camp is more than just a cooking camp. It encompasses physical and mental well being, financial literacy as well as table etiquette. The chef is wonderful and kids are encouraged to think outside the box to create wonderful dishes in a pressure cooker-like challenge. Karen as well as the rest of the staff are top notch. I highly recommend this camp to anyone who has an interest in food and cooking!

Mary Ellen Benedict

What a fabulous experience for my kids that I would highly recommend to all. This camp is like no other- it is truly a learning experience filled with fun!! The kids had a chance to not only learn how to cook healthy meals, but also life skills including budgeting, health and well being, communication and social skills, yoga and much more. Oh and the food they learn to make is delicious. I can honestly say that theirFit2cook experience gave them a confidence boost that has made a difference in their lives both in school and at home. My 7 year old will now experience the camp this year-she is really looking forward to it after watching her two older sisters for the past few years!!

Such a wonderful experience for my child. They learned a TON about cooking , food safety & preparation. Miss Karen Salvatore runs a tight ship and the kids have a blast. Such a great opportunity for my son to really be able to explore & experiment in the kitchen! We are going back for our 3rd year this summer and he is also able to be a CIT this year through the camp! Lots of opportunity for growth & learning!

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