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Rhode Island's favorite Summer Camps offering life-changing and empowering experiences for kids and teens

No summer camps are being offered  in 2024. We are focusing on getting a public school charter for Be Well Leadership Academy.

Questions about  empowering your child with lifelong success skills? 

What is Fit2Cook4Kids?

Fit2Cook4Kids offers fun, enriching, and often life-altering week-long day camps for children and teenagers. Campers build confidence and self-esteem as they have an incredible adventure that combines food, fitness, and communication and leadership skills. Professional instructors create empowering, lasting experiences in forty of the most enriching hours campers will spend all summer becoming competent ambassadors of healthful living. 

Fit2Cook4Kids Secret Sauce

Fit2Cook4Kids in the news

From Happy Campers and Parents


"I am a parent of a previous camper who is now a CIT. This camp is more than just a cooking camp. It encompasses physical and mental well being, financial literacy as well as table etiquette. The chef is wonderful and kids are encouraged to think outside the box to create wonderful dishes in a pressure cooker-like challenge. Karen as well as the rest of the staff are top notch. I highly recommend this camp to anyone who has an interest in food and cooking!" - Lisa R.

💚 Healthy food is love to be shared   💚

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